Deicing Holdover

Holdover time calculation made easy

Deicing holdover challenges

Having trouble determining HOT?

Risk of human errors

Periodically check for updates

Time consuming imperatives

Designed for airline pilots

Save time and money by determining HOT prior to takeoff



Pilots are alerted when HOTs expire.


FAA and Transport Canada are all available.

HOT guidelines

Digital versions of the HOT guidelines in PDF format.

Deicing holdover app

Built-in timer

Check your remaining holdover time.

Notes and cautions

Notes and cautions of the tables are accessible from the Calculator page.

Airplane mode

App available in offline mode.

Fast and easy determination of your holdover time

Less secondary deicing events

Save 2 to 4 minutes in the cockpit

Faster take off and prevent deicing delays

Ready to go digital?

The Deicing Holdover app aims to facilitate the determination of HOT by offering a smart, user-friendly and intuitive interface for the entry of all data points that could impact a holdover time. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Dedicated onboarding

Fast implementation

24 / 7 support

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