Equipment Manager

Take the lead of your GSE operations

Ground equipment challenges

Fed up of gathering information relevant to ground equipment in several ways?

Scattered ground support equipment

Lack of standardization

Speed and usage infractions

Difficult invoicing management

Centralize all your airport equipment data

Get insight on key performance metrics relating to movement and usage of your equipment.
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Improve your equipment usage

Take control of your airport equipment data and start streamlining your equipment movement and performance processes.
  • Centralize all your information of the most expensive assets
  • Efficiently track engine time usage
  • Easily plan your preventive maintenance
Aviation equipment app
Aviation equipment software

Start saving money

Reduce cost relating to your airport equipment usage by improving your monitoring and inspection procedures.
  • Reduce your infractions by using geo-fencing
  • Enhance your warranty monitoring
  • Reduce your inspection time



Track the movement and performance of your airport equipment and configure geo-fencing alerts.


Integrate efficiently the platform with your telemetry systems.

Data collection

Centralize into a single platform all your relevant data and configure comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Your airport equipment data at a glance!

Equipment Manager is your easy-to-use and intuitive airport equipment management software. Request a live demo today and we’ll schedule you a 30-minute call to assess your needs.

Dedicated onboarding

Fast implementation

24 / 7 support

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