Webinar | The Big GHI Debate: Are You Ready for Winter?

Webinar | The Big GHI Debate: Are You Ready for Winter?

Wiseleap is proud to sponsor the next GHI Big Debate webinar

In collaboration with Ground Handling International, Wiseleap is sponsoring the next GHI webinar, « Are you ready for winter? », part of their webinar series. This webinar will be held July 30, 2020 at 10 a.m Est Time and will explore the hallmarks of a successful winter operations strategy for ground handlers should harsh weather strike in the Northern hemisphere later this year.

Our deicing expert, Peter Hansen, will be part of the panel to discuss about the importance of integrating innovation and technology in the deicing operations process, especially with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. He will be accompanied by other panelists from airlines, ground handlers and GSE suppliers who are going to talk about several topics.

The importance of stakeholder collaboration when freezing conditions strike at short notice, de-icing equipment and de-icing fluid innovations, GSE strategies that maintain performance and safety in harsh conditions, and de-icing simulator programmes in preparing ground staff for all weathers will be the topics that are going to be addressed.

The GHI Big Debate: Are you ready for Winter?

Format: A 90-minute Webinar bringing together business leaders from leading airlines, ground handlers, airports and industry suppliers to discuss a blueprint for achieving a smarter winter operations strategy for stations. The session will include an online audience Q&A and be chaired by GHI Conference Chairman, Max Gosney.


  • Stakeholder collaboration: working together to boost preparedness, safety and efficiency of airport operations when cold weather strikes at short notice
  • De-icing equipment innovation: taking the pressure off operators by improving the design of de-icing equipment to boost visibility, enhance communication, reduce treatment times and aid safety when the OTP pressure is on.
  • GSE strategies for the cold: maintenance and modifications to maintain safety and performance.
  • Employee training and protective wear: putting the skillsets in place to react to sudden arrivals of cold weather: multi-skilling ramp teams and the role of simulator training. Procuring the right PPE for freezing conditions and the link between cold weather and poor safety decisions.

Looking forward to discuss with you during this session.

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