Wiseleap adds a Dispatch feature to Deicing Manager

Wiseleap adds a Dispatch feature to Deicing Manager

Montreal, Quebec, July 27, 2020. – Wiseleap, the aviation division of Emyode, is proud to announce the launch of its new Dispatch feature added to its existing Deicing Manager software.  The development of this module responds to the needs of many professionals in the aviation indutry.

Deicing Manager is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the capture, storage, and analysis of all the information you need to manage aircraft deicing operations. It allows Airports, Airlines, and Ground Operations Suppliers to improve their workflow or processes between their different teams and be ready to efficiently address any challenge. It allows also to centralize all records completed by their employees, contractors, and third-party servicers on one integrated platform.

Martin Schreiber, Director of operations at Wiseleap explained that the Dispatch Module allows for Dispatchers to have a real time view of aircraft movement based on information from an integrated flight feed.  It can track entire aircraft movement from gate location to the moment of flight takeoff, inclusive of all activity enroute to, at and from an assigned Deicing Stand.  The Dispatcher can view available Deicing Trucks based on which users are logged into the Deicing Manager mobile application and assign specific Deicing Trucks to work on assigned Aircraft. It can also assign the Stand aircraft will be entering to provide clarity for the Driver/Sprayer onboard the Deicing Truck to know  the location the aircraft will be arriving into.

«This Dispatch feature is the result of a lot of hard work from our team to always please our customers in their use of our platform. It is also a result of the great collaboration we have with our customers, that helped us to improve our software thanks to their constant and constructive feedback throughout the years.», said Schreiber.

We are continuously improving our software to always help our customers and professionals of the industry to achieve their objectives by being more efficient in their processes, and help them to efficiently restart their operations post-COVID 19 pandemic.

Martin Schreiber, Director of Operations at Wiseleap



Wiseleap is a complete range of products More than ten years of experience in aviation, Wiseleap has developed several software tools designed to streamline the ground operations of aviation professionals and meet the needs of the industry. Wiseleap software are already adopted by 104 airports around the world and most major airports in North America.


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